5 reasons to study in Japan

Studying abroad in developed countries is gradually becoming a direction chosen by many young people. And Japan is a great destination for you. To understand why studying abroad in Japan is a trend of young Vietnamese, let’s find out the following 5 reasons with PTM.

1. Development education

Not only has the economy developed, but Japan also has a well-known education system in Japan, especially in Asia. The quality of education in Japan is highly appreciated by the facilities, experienced teachers and many interesting programs. Some prestigious universities in Japan are also among the top universities in the world such as Tokyo University, Kyoto University, Tohoku University and Nagoya University…

2. Safe living environment, focusing on human health

Japanese people are very focused on protecting health so you are completely assured of food hygiene and safety when living here. In addition, the air in Japan is very clean, low in dust and especially without environmental pollution. Not only that, Japan also has advanced health system so studying in Japan is not worried about health issues.

3. Cultural exchange with international friends

Studying in Japan, you will have the opportunity to exchange, learn more culture and expand relationships with international students. Coming to Japan, you will have the experience of studying and interacting with Japanese and international students. Japanese universities not only recruit domestic students but are very open to international students. Every year, the Japanese government offers many scholarships to international students. Students from other countries come to Japan for temporary study, to study, or to get a degree. So you can really expand your network here.

4. Learn Japanese better

Learning Japanese will help your language ability increase rapidly. You will be practicing communicating with native speakers, learning in much better conditions in the country.

5. Japan has a lot of beautiful scenery, delicious food

Studying abroad combined with travel is a great idea when coming to Japan. participating in special traditional festivals; See the cherry blossoms and enjoy delicious food.