With the goal of winging the dream of studying abroad for generations of students, BYQI wishes to help students prepare everything thoroughly from the first steps in this journey. Accordingly, BYQI will help you make a well-adjusted study abroad plan, will be the founder and guide you to the school that best suits your aspirations, academic ability and financial ability. This is maximized by BYQI based on the one-on-one self-counseling and support model (Each consultant will follow each specific client case throughout the process, from orientation, finding a school, applying for admission and visa applications as well as problems arising (if any) after the student has left to study abroad and throughout the learning process).

Above all, BYQI always tries to listen to and understand the minds of many cases of customers to find suitable solutions, especially finding scholarships or financial support for potential candidates and contributing to reducing the financial burden when studying abroad.

When choosing to accompany BYQI, it means that you not only receive dedicated support from the very first stage in orientation, school search, application, visa application but also the sharing of experiences to help you prepare the necessary equipment to adapt to the culture , living and studying in different countries.

In short, BYQI is proud to be a solid bridge between new students and their families and schools to help them have a strong spirit to overcome all difficulties initially, towards integration, development and success throughout the journey away from home.

In BYQI, we always keep in mind that the success of our students is also a great success and motivation for BYQI to continue the path of knowledge for international students around the world.