Become a pilot with Lazarski University, Poland

Become a pilot with Lazarski University, Poland

1. Education

Bachelor’s (03 years)

2. Majors

Aviation Law and Professional Pilot Lisence

3. Teaching language


4. Tuition

Year I: EUR 12,000
Year II: EUR 12,000
Year III: EUR 13,000

5. Program content

This is a joint program between Lazarski University and Goldwings Aviation Academy
The curriculum both theoretically and practically required to get an ATPL (A) license, focusing on the legal aspects of civil aviation in the European Union and globally, helps students become a professional pilot in the future. In addition, with good knowledge of aviation law in the course of study, students will be prepared not only for the pilot profession but also for work with civil aviation agencies and organizations.

To become a pilot, students also need to absorb a large amount of theoretical knowledge; This is why, in this course, Lazarski will provide students with important knowledge such as aviation control, meteorology, planning, flight implementation and monitoring, navigation, operating procedures, communications and flight rules,…

6. Specific curriculum

7. Career opportunities

More than 635,000 new pilots will be needed by 2037, of which more than 146,000 will be needed in Europe alone, according to Boeing. After graduation, you will be able to start your career in the international air transport market in cooperation with airlines around the world, such as First Officer or Compliance Officer.

8. Requesting records

High school graduation, minimum academic performance 7.5
English: IELTS 6.0
Students are required for a medical examination and must have a First-Class Medical Certificate approved by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

9. Some related questions

After completing this program, what degree will students receive?

Students will receive bachelor’s and ATPL (ATPL: Airline Transport Pilot Lisence) and CPL Lisence (Commercial Aircraft Licence) with SEP (L), MEP (L), IRME + MCC ratings. These licenses and ratings make it possible for graduates to apply for pilot jobs.

What is atpl frozen lisence (Frozen ATPL License)?

A person with a “frozen” ATPL degree is someone who has passed all ATPL tests but does not have enough flight experience, and/or has not completed a test in the proof room or has not yet taken the actual flight. To “defrost” your ATPL certificate, you need to gain sufficient experience in flights with multiple crew. Often you can defrost ATPL when working as a First Officer.

Does the program include actual flight training?

Have. The program consists of 200 hours of practical training including simulated flight. These hours meet EASA’s requirements for ATPL training.

Is it necessary to know Polish to take the driver’s license test?

No need, the language used for learning, exams and work is in English.

One of the requirements for a Pilot license is an EASA certificate and I do not live in a European country to get this certificate, so I signed up for one semester in Poland to be able to participate in NFZ health insurance to schedule a medical examination. Is this feasible?

Not. A First Class Medical Certificate cannot be obtained with the National Health Fund (NFZ). Air medical examinations can only be carried out by EASA’s authorized aviation medical center in any European Country. However, if you are going to take a language course at Lazarski, we can help you arrange medical examinations at the Military Aviation Institute in Warsaw.

Is the program prepared for a pilot’s degree exam?

Have. The entire program prepares students at both theoretical and practical levels for the ATPL degree exam. Lazarski’s instructors are the best professional pilots who are willing to share their valuable practical knowledge with our students, trying to teach them practical things based on the real situations they have encountered in the course of their work.

What is the starting income of a graduate?

The salary of a european airline’s deputy starts from EUR 2,000.

Do all classes take place on the university campus?

Not really. All theoretical classes take place on the Larzarski campus. However, practical classes will take place at the Goldwings Training Centre at Warsaw Babice Airport.