Business Administration is a discipline that can be said to never be outdated. Therefore, many young people see this as their biggest goal of studying abroad. But should you choose to study Business Administration in Korea?

What is Business Administration in Korea?

Most universities and colleges in Korea often see Business Administration as a big “umbrella” covering a variety of fields from finance to human resources, marketing and information systems. That brings great advantages for students studying Business Administration. It is to be touched on all aspects of the business sector.

Related areas

Finance/ Economy: how to maximize profits, reduce losses and rotate capital
Human beings: manage people effectively, recruit and fire the right people, the right place
Marketing: entering the market, selling items suitable for the audience, measuring the market with competitors.
Production management: optimizing business roles and creating an efficient process
Information systems: data is extremely important in business, data workers need to know how to manage, optimize and apply technology in business.
Law: it is necessary to understand the business law even in this special area

Therefore, schools training business administration as well as businesses in Korea consider students this field as an important human resource can do in many different fields and industries such as human resource management, production management, marketing management, marketing, PR, supply chain management …

The advantages of business administration

Developed, world-class economic environment

Korea is an Asian country with very good economic development. In this country, it is worthy of admiration from Vietnam as well as other Asian countries. South Korea is also one of the countries with the largest foreign currency reserves in the world.

High post-graduation job opportunities, more attractive jobs

It can be said that business administration is a versatile subject, students can do a lot of jobs and many positions for this subject.

A bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Korea is recognized around the world. After graduation, students can hold their degree and try different business areas such as human resources management, marketing management, marketing, …

Korea has a developed economy and has a lot of large companies. They are free with open recruitment policies and apply good human resources development policies. Therefore, students studying this major are very favored in Korea. You’ll have more opportunities.

Many valuable scholarships for Business Administration

The Government of Korea as well as universities and colleges in Korea devote a lot of scholarship programs to study abroad. Korean scholarships are great for students to support them financially.
Every year, the number of scholarships increases greatly, especially scholarships in economics, including business administration.

Cost of studying abroad 

Tuition fees in Korean schools are much easier to pay and are quite suitable for most financial conditions of Vietnamese students.
In addition to tuition fees and amounts payed in accordance with Korean education, students do not have to pay any more.

Plus scholarships and salaries if international students work part-time, financial problems when pursuing business administration in Korea will no longer be too big a problem for Vietnamese students.

Facts to note when studying korea business administration

In addition to knowledge, skills and foreign languages, practical experience factors also contribute significantly.

Some factors you should consider when choosing a study abroad school.

  • An international learning environment, helping you improve your language skills and be able to work with foreign companies and multinational corporations.
  • A place where you can both study and participate in extracurricular activities, volunteer to develop yourself and harvest more work experience.