Facebook, Amazon and Netflix are a handful of companies that remained profitable in times of global crisis due to the Covid-19 epidemic. The services of all three companies have one thing in common that is exploited through electronic devices or in other words, the presence of computer science. If you choose to study Computer Science right now, you not only have an open career future but also extremely solid no matter how the times change.

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science is a discipline where you can master every aspect of your computer including designing, manufacturing, operating, and repairing elements such as hardware, software, systems, or networks to meet the needs of customers or consumers. This is a special discipline for those who really love computers and want to learn the top of the computer industry in the most profound way. Computer Science is considered the foundational science that contributes to almost every field of life.

In the first year, you will learn general subjects in computer history, application of the industry in society, basic theory of network or system. In the following years, you will be equipped with skills such as programming, system structure and algorithm analysis to be able to create software products. You can also learn more about website building, data systems, and operating systems.

Similar to other disciplines, you are also required to apply the knowledge learned to make the final or final project. Some universities also create conditions for students to carry out projects of partner enterprises to learn practical experience. The last year is also the time to take part in internships to expand your network of relationships and find jobs more easily after graduation.

What subjects do you need to be good at in high school to study Computer Science?

Math and Tin are definitely subjects you need to be good at to be able to pursue this subject. English is also a subject you should improve right from high school because computer science requires you to actively update knowledge continuously. Job opportunities from abroad are also countless so knowing English will give you more advantages.

If you have the conditions, you can learn basic programming at home in the summer to test your interest in the industry and expand your understanding of the field at an early age. There are many free and reputable programming programs online so you can fully leverage to experience. If you can write a useful program of your own, don’t forget to mention it in your application to impress the admissions committee in case you plan to study abroad.

Computer Science majors

Artificial intelligence

This specialty is no stranger to people’s lives when it has been applied in many products such as driverless cars, user facial recognition or voice application control. Artificial intelligence is the future development direction of technology so this special field will have many “martial arts land” after graduation.

Game programming

If you like gaming, this specialty is the right choice for you to learn the process of developing and producing a game product. Whether it’s a smartphone or a dedicated game console, the gaming market is always lucrative for you to develop your career.

Application programming

This specialty trains you with the skills to make apps running on your phone or other technology products. Just create an app with many downloads, you will get huge profits.

System security

The company’s data systems including software, applications, devices, etc. need to be protected to avoid intrusion to profit from others for malicious purposes. This speciality will help you learn how to find security vulnerabilities and effective ways to fix them.

Web programming

Nearly every active business also needs to set up a website to increase its presence in cyberspace. This speciality trains you knowledge to turn the design into a website that is not only beautiful, but can also work smoothly, user-friendlyly and secure the information of the visitor.