Cost of living, price, travel and housing while studying in Taiwan

When studying in Taiwan, you have to go to class every day then be active in all daily activities as well as work part-time almost every time that you have. From buying a bus card, a train or shopping for clothes, food and preparing for a warm place to stay after a day of studying and working tirelessly is very important. Through this article, hope that you can prepare yourself for the best equipment when studying in Taiwan in the near future:

  1. Cost of living and prices of studying in Taiwan

Cost of studying in Taiwan 2018.

Taiwanese currency known as NT$consists of banknotes and metals, which are easy to transfer to US dollars (USD) and other foreign currencies at the bank. Generally in Taiwan when buying things are paid in cash, there are many stores that can pay by credit card.

The price of living in Taiwan, eating is not too expensive. A meal or noodles at restaurants near the school or boxed rice in grocery stores (7/11, Family Mart, Hi – Life,…) averages about 60 CEO. In the morning there are no breakfast shops like in Vietnam, however, there are Cafeteria shops selling fast food for about 35 YUAN. The shops have pictures of dishes and price list, if you do not know Chinese you can take your hand just to order, or at some large shops, the restaurant will have a record of the name of the dishes (in Chinese) for diners to tick and give back to the restaurant staff.

2. Overtime while studying in Taiwan

According to the survey, in 2017 the number of Taiwanese students working part-time was 92.9%. The most popular jobs for international students are technicians in factories, factories, side jobs in restaurants, followed by sales, tutoring and cleaning … High or low wages depend on your working time and position, and the geographical location of the region will also affect your salary and income. Usually working as a technician in large factories in Cao Hung, Tai trung or Taipei the salary will be much higher if cleaning or serving in restaurants in locations far from the center.

After the school’s permission, new students can work in overtime under the following conditions:

Internship according to the expertise you study,
Overtime does not affect learning.
The purpose of part-time work is to set aside money to cover tuition and other necessary expenses rather than going to work to save money and send it home.
Do not do bad jobs that affect the fine customs, customs and morality of international students.
Do not work overtime or jobs that are not related to international students.

Points of note when deciding on employment…………….. You need to be very concerned about your health and not to affect your purpose of studying abroad!

© Does work interfere with learning?………….How to work late, and to work many hours a day, will it affect the next day?

© How to Pay………… Includes how to pay taxes, pay by date, pay weekly, pay monthly, pay directly or through banks

© the content of the job safe?…………. Is the job dangerous? In case of an accident, how is the compensation?

3. Housing for international students studying in Taiwan

While studying in Taiwan, students mainly choose to stay in dormitories (KTX) because of the closeness of the school and the cost of studying in Taiwan 2018 is quite reasonable. KTX is strictly managed, students are given cards to enter and leave, men are not allowed to enter the female living area and vice versa. Every day at 10:30pm, KTX representatives will check-in each room. If you are late or do not go to sleep at night in the ktx, you need to inform the dormitory manager in advance.

Only a few KTX allow students to cook and drink alcohol. If you wish, you can request a room sharing with Taiwanese students. Bicycles and motorbikes of students at KTX will be given the can on the car and required to leave the car in the right place. For vehicles that do not stick ktx’s cans, the dormitory management will “crane” and fine.

Another notable issue is the “classification of garbage”, especially in women’s ktx as this is one of the school evaluation standards. Garbage is required to be divided into several categories according to the instructions for recording and drawing instructions at the garbage disposal area.

4. How to travel while studying in Taiwan

When studying in Taiwan, international students can use personal vehicles such as bicycles, motorbikes to move from school to work or use public transport relatively popular in Taiwan such as buses, trams … in central places. In addition, taxis in Taiwan are also relatively cheap so with short distances or in places where there is no public transport, you can use a taxi to get to where you need it.

For students working in overtime, if you work at a factory or factory with contact with the school you attend. Normally, the school will arrange a shuttle bus for you to work. However, if you apply for a part-time job or a job at a restaurant, you must automatically find transportation for yourself. The cost of a student’s monthly travel usually hovers above 1000 TAIPEI.