Deciphering the success of U.S. students

What is the secret behind successful U.S. study abroad students? As they delve into the experiences of american students with outstanding achievements, education professionals realize that they are working on multiple goals at the same time, not just learning. While, many people still think that students will succeed if they achieve high scores. But in fact, people who only know how to do what teachers ask for are often dissatisfied with their lives after school.

Sometimes, we have to think beyond the usual habits with the question such as: Will an excellent student always find success when leaving university? Especially at this time, society has no longer only recognized you through scores but also based on certain experiences and achievements in the fields.

According to U.S. education researchers, factors that motivate students to succeed both inside and outside the university often include:

Cognitive abilities: Students with high cognitive abilities will understand the problem faster and deeper than others when placed in the case of the same approach to a lecture.

Ability to plan short-term, medium and long-term: Not only is it a learning goal, students also need to set clear goals for their lives 6 months, 1 year until 10 years later.

Creativity: There is no doubt that this is the ability that a successful person must possess. This implies that flexible thinking will help a student studying in the U.S. have a higher chance of success.

Leadership: The ability to see yourself and act as a leader will help students go further in all tasks, whether academic or career.

Ability to adapt to the environment: Many college students in the U.S. do not know what to do when leaving school after many years of being nestled in the university environment. Even if they have worked in companies by studying for additional external training courses, they continue to find themselves as “students”. This will make the path to success more time-consuming than necessary.

The ability to find success: This is almost new to many students. The reality is that people often don’t feel the need to work hard to achieve their goals and believe it’s all set on luck. But the greatest luck is still bold action at the right time, plus effective work skills.

External motivation: Of course, a student will be more likely to succeed when having family behind the scenes, friends always trust and support.

Humorous personality: This is a common characteristic commonly seen in the personalities of successful people. However, their humor is not to be outspified with the habit but extremely serious and subtle.

Finally, we want to say that more than anyone else, students who have been lucky enough to study in the U.S. need to improve their work skills or life skills if they want to succeed. Because, the last dream of all students is to complete their studies and find a good job that allows them to prove their abilities!