Hunting scholarships to study in Australia at high school

Australia is one of the countries most selected by young people to study abroad today. In particular, the rate of studying in Australia at high school has also increased sharply in the past few years, showing a desire to strengthen knowledge early in Australia and improve the opportunity to step into the gates of prestigious universities. If you plan to study in Australia but are still concerned about the cost, let’s find out about some scholarship programs to study in Australia at high school.

1. High School Program in Australia

Before planning to study abroad and hunt for scholarships to study in Australia at high school, we need to understand the secondary education system in Australia.

Studying in Australia at high school is a good stepping stone for children to study higher in this country.

The Australian High School program starts in 7th grade and also lasts until the end of year 12. Divided into 2 small ranks: Junior Secondary (grades 7-10) and Senior Secondary (grades 11 -12). For Vietnamese students, parents can choose to study abroad early. Especially the most appropriate time is grade 10, grade 11 and grade 12.

Directions for children after completing grades 10, 11 and 12:

– Grade 10: Continue to grades 11, 12 or choose vocational courses from Certificate I to IV depending on the ability of students.

– Finishing 11th grade: Continue to grade 12, or choose to study University Preparer (1-year program) or apprenticeship for Certificate IV.

– Finish 12th grade: Get a senior secondary certifiacate of education, go to university or choose to study Foudation program, study University Preparing For 1 year and transfer to University.

Studying in Australia from grade 12 offers a variety of options for students in the process of determining their future direction. Not only has the opportunity to receive an International Baccalaureate degree, studying in Australia at this stage also helps…

Characteristics of The Australian Education Program:

– Focus on helping students develop their knowledge, skills, attitudes and values in 8 areas: Mathematics, English, Natural Sciences, Technology, Social Sciences, Environment, Medical and Physical Education, Fine Arts and other language subjects.

– Focus on teaching subjects that enhance future application such as information technology, communication … and help students apply these skills to life.

– Career orientation for students from the time they are in school chairs.

2. Tuition fees for studying in Australia High School

Tuition fees in each place will be slightly different.

Depending on the choice of attending a public or private high school, tuition fees will also vary:

Public schools: 10,700 – 71, 080 AUD/year.
Private schools: AUD 20,000-28,000 per year.

3. High school Australian scholarship programs

With expensive tuition fees, students can also choose scholarship programs to study in Australia High School to reduce the cost burden. A number of Australian third-tier scholarships are suitable:

Taylors College High School Scholarships

– Scholarship value: 2,500 – 5,000 AUD.

– Granted by Study Group.

– Eligibility for scholarships:

Have good academic performance from the middle school years.
Ensure that you meet the English language requirements and participate in an interview with the school.
Eynesbury School Scholarships: For grades 10 and 11

– Scholarship value: 25%, 30% and 50%.

– Eligibility for scholarships:

Scholarships for grade 10: GPA 8.5 (50% scholarships) and GPA 7.5 (25% scholarship).
11th grade scholarship: GPA 7.5 (25% scholarship) and GPA 8.0 (30% scholarship).
Peninsula High School Full Scholarship Program, Australia

– Scholarship value: 100% tuition fees for the 11th and 12th grade years at the school.

– Eligibility for scholarships:

GPA 8.0 or higher in the last 3 academic years.
Ielts certificate from 6.0 (Writing 5.0).
Pass the interview with the school representative.

Each year the Australian government regularly offers a variety of scholarships with different incentives for students to study abroad. One of the scholarships to study in Australia is chosen by students as much as possible…

4. Forms of scholarship selection

There are two ways to consider scholarships in Australia:

Consider scholarships to study in Australia through the university’s Selection Council.
Take the exam taken by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). The exam usually takes place in May in another country.

5. General conditions for receiving scholarships to study in Australia at high school

Excellent academic performance (GPA of 7.5 or higher).
IELTS score from 6.5 or TOEFL iBT from 75.
There are many achievements in learning, social activities, extracurriculars …
Letters of recommendation from teachers who have taught.

If you plan to study in Australia from high school. It’s easier to enroll in major Australian universities. Hurry up and plan, hunt for scholarships to study in Australia high school from today.