Prince Edward Island University, Canada

University of Prince Edward Island – UPEI (TOP 5 leading Universities in Canada) is one of the best choices for those who plan to study in Canada because of their good teaching quality, full facilities and modernity, experienced faculty, graduates with high employment opportunities.

1. General introduction

Founded in 1969 in Charlottetown, the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) has a history of more than 200 years by its predecessors, Kent College (1804), the University of St.Dunstan (1855) and Prince of Wales College (1860). The university is well-known for its training and teaching in the arts, education, science and veterinary medicine, business, nursing, sustainable design engineering, mathematics and computing sciences.

Prince Edward Island University has 4 faculty (Arts, Education, Science and Veterinary Medicine) and 2 schools (Business and Nursing) offering a wide range of programs and training degreees with 4,400 students. In 2016, the number of international students accounted for nearly 19% of the school’s students, coming from 70 different countries.

2. Facilities

The campus consists of 28 buildings and facilities, administrative, residential, sports area. The school is located in Charlottetown, 3km from the city center, just a 10-minute walk from the school district to the largest shopping center in the city.

UPEI is the only public university in Prince Edward Island, once the wealthiest state in Canadian history, with a history of more than 200 years of construction and development, UPEI is not only spacious, but also owns classroom equipment and research rooms advanced into the world’s most advanced type , fully meet all the learning and living needs of students. In addition, the university also has indoor gyms, open for free to students: ice hockey, basketball court, swimming pool, squash room, gym, sauna …

In addition to the campus, life around UPEI is also very convenient and dynamic. The school is 3km from the city center, just a 10-minute walk from the school district to the largest shopping center in the city.

The university’s main campus consists of 28 functional buildings such as lecture halls, school board, boarding area, athletics center,… with the most modern equipment. These include the Marion McDougall building of the business institute, bill and Denise Andrew building, W.A Murphy center and many other spacious and modern buildings to serve the needs of entertainment and learning of students.

– The opportunity to receive paid internships for international students, then also receive employment opportunities through these internships.

– Low cost of studying abroad: Compared to other countries, studying in Canada at UPEI helps students save money on studying abroad with many great benefits

– Cultural diversity: UPEI currently has a very high number of international students from more than 70 countries worldwide. Students have the opportunity to learn, communicate and learn about different cultures

– Excellent learning environment: Experienced and dedicated teachers, UPEI trains many excellent students with admirable achievements.

– After graduation, STUDENTS who receive UPEI’s degree are recognized worldwide.

* School highlights rating:

– Is the oldest and only university of Prince Edward Island Province

– Is the easiest transfer university in CANADA

– UPEI is named one of the 10 best campuses in Canada

– UPEl is well-known for its excellent scientific research, training in many international scientific research disciplines, from researching the method of processing dairy products to anti-cancer substances

– According to Maclean’s Magazine – The leading magazine ranking universities in Canada honors UPEl ranked 07th out of 19 best Undergraduate universities in Canada.

1. Training program

– Bachelor’s consists of: Arts, Sustainable Design Engineers, Science in Computing and Computing, Science.

– Post-university consists of: Business, Nursing, Environmental Science, Veterinary Medicine, Health and Human Development, Island Research,…

– English Academic Preparation ( EAP): Students who do not have enough English language level will be able to study additional courses.

– PhD program with fields: environmental science, molecular science and molecular giants, veterinary medicine

2. Majors

– Faculty of Arts: including Psychology, Sociology, Music, Journalism, Environment, Philosophy, Iconic Arts, Theatrical Arts …

– Faculty of Business: including Accounting, Corporate Relations, Marketing, International Business, Resort Tourism …

– Faculty of Education: granting bachelor’s degree in education for adults, training students to become leaders, education and training of second languages.

– Faculty of Nursing: bachelor of science degree in Nursing.

– Faculty of Science: including biology, biotechnology, chemistry, computer science, psychology, wildlife conservation, mathematics, statistical probability mathematics …

– Faculty of Veterinary Medicine: bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine.

3. Require input

University program:

– Graduated from 12th grade

– GPA 7.0

– IELTS 6.5

Post-study program:

– Graduated from university

– GPA 7.0

– IELTS 6.5