Singapore Institute of Technology – one of the famous autonomy schools

In addition to national universities with a long reputation, the Singapore Institute of Technology is also considered one of the quality educational institutions. Where you can find professional training programs and get valuable lessons to develop yourself in the future.

General field overview

History of establishment and development

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) is a high-end applied school in Singapore. The university was founded in 2009 by president Tan Chin Tiong and has grown from just 500 students and 10 grant programs.

Over time, the university has developed more than 7000 students and 42 degree programs. Aims to promote a number of important athletes in students, called ‘SIT-DNA’. Through this, students are transformed into ‘thinker’, who can ‘learn, not learn and re-learn’, which is the ‘catalyst for transformation’ and ultimately the ‘foundation for development in the community’.

Facilities and other highlights

The university’s main campus is located at Dover Drive in Dover, Singapore. Five other facilities are located around the island and are mainly focused on polytechnic facilities. The facilities are:

SIT @ NYP (Nanyang Polytechnic)
SIT @NP (Ngee Yang Polytechnic)
SIT @ SP (Singapore Polytechnic)
SIT @ RP (Republican Polytechnic)

SIT has a faculty student ratio of 1:41 including 146 staff and over 7000 students.

The Singapore Institute of Technology is also widespread for its research programs following the launch of the Enterprise and Innovation Centre (E&I centre).

Some of the university’s well-known alumni include

Cherine Siew – Expert in Embedded Systems and Data Encryption,
Bee Ching Kong – expert in Electronic Circuit Design and Inspection (DCM and Information Systems for the Automotive Industry)
Choon Lee Chew – Electronic Circuit Design and Sales Fabricat.
Typical training programs and study time 
Training program

The university’s degree programs are divided into 5 groups, including Engineering (English), Infocomm Technology (IT), Chemical Engineering and Food Technology (CEFT), Design and Specialized Business (DSB) and Social and Health Sciences (HSS)

Recently, SIT has been expanded and offers a degree in Language and Speech Therapy, Digital Media and Integrated Communication from the 2020 school year.

Some overseas partners:

Digipen Institute of Technology,
University of Newcastle,
Technical University of Munich,
American Culinary Institute,
Glasgow School of Art,
Trinity University
University of Liverpool
Massey University.

The UG-PG course rate is 1: 0.06. This suggests that the school is better known for its PG programs and research.

Study time

Students studying at the Singapore Institute Of Technology will be able to graduate earlier than most students in the same field at other universities in Singapore.

For students studying degree programs with SIT’s overseas partner universities, they can graduate within 2-2.5 years with an recognized degree.
SIT’s private degree programs will usually have a duration of 3 to 4 years.

SIT is also an app learning organization that prides itself on its learning and teaching experience. The university has a curriculum to bridge the gap between classroom learning and practical industrial applications. The program lasts for 8-12 months. During that time, students have the ability to know what is needed to work in the industry effectively.

Admission requirements and forms of admission 

Being admitted to the Singapore Institute of Technology is simply based on student achievement and therefore competition is very high.

The university takes the time to screen applicants thoroughly on the basis of academic results, leadership qualities and also extracurricular/extracurricular activities. At the same time, an interview will be conducted to properly approach your education level, passion for your desired field of study and your extracurricular activities.

Students wishing to study at the Singapore Institute Of Technology need:

Apply online
Pay a $18 registration fee
Participating in the interview
Health check-up
International students are required to apply for study upon admission. The school’s website provides a clear analysis of the full admission requirements and admission process

Scholarship programs to support students

The University believes in nurturing talented and academically excellent students, regardless of their background.

SIT does this by offering a different amount of loans and scholarships to potential students. You can refer to the following attractive scholarship programs:

Lasalle Future Leader Scholarship

This is an international scholarship funded in part by lasalle university of the arts for international students. The value of the scholarship is up to S$10,000.

HKTDC Overseas Arts Governance Scholarship

This is a full international scholarship offered by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (ADC) to international students. The value of the scholarship is up to 450,000 Hong Kong dollars.

ADB-Japan Scholarships, 2019

A full international scholarship offered by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to international students. The value of the scholarship is tuition + monthly living expenses for potential students.

Student life at Singapore Institute of Technology

Like many schools in Singapore, the Singapore Institute of Technology is also rated as a dynamic school with teamwork as well as exciting extracurricular activities.

Student clubs

Student clubs allow SIT students to develop comprehensive skills. Along with that is to promote their skills in the respective clubs in addition to the school curriculum. These clubs come together in the Club Fair – a student-focused extracurricular activity where students are free to express their personal talents as well as improve themselves.

Some sports activities

In addition to striving to help students achieve outstanding achievements in sports, SIT also promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for all students through sports activities and programs.

One of the highlights of such events is the annual Inter-Cluster Games (ICG) which provides the SIT student community with exciting sports activities. Engage alumni and students to compete together in a variety of sports.

Exchange events, connections

In particular, new students will have the opportunity to participate in WEEK ZERO, a program held annually to welcome new students. You will have closer access to academic programs as well as exchange and meet talented students and faculty at the university.

Job opportunities after graduation

The results of the graduate employment survey published by the university show that graduates have good job prospects.

Nearly 90.5% of graduates secure employment within six months of completing degree courses at the university, with 83% of students securing full-time employment.

SIT’s employment rate – 89.5% higher than the employment rate for graduates from other universities. Sit students’ salaries are also top in Singapore.

The starting salary and employment rate of SIT graduates vary from sector to industry. For example, graduates of interior design and culinary arts have lower starting salaries than other students. Students studying culinary arts had a high employment rate (92.6%) but their average monthly salary is $2,400.

The average monthly salary for SIT nursing graduates is $3,615, while graduates of other medical sector groups – including those with a physiotherapy degree – earn an average monthly salary of $3,125 to $3,488.


Rated as one of the current professional education institutions in Singapore, Singapore Institute of Technology attracts a lot of students every year. Attractive training programs and support from leading trainers and state-of-the-art facilities. Surely, it will give you valuable opportunities to have certain successes in the future.