Study design and music at Orita Sinclair of Design and Music , Singapore

Singapore has always been an attractive study destination for international students. In addition to leading universities, studying in private schools also offers many good opportunities for students. One of them is Orita Sinclair School of Design and Music – Singapore. It offers top-of-the-line design, graphics and music courses today.

General field overview

Founded in 2002, Orita Sinclair School of Design and Music Singapore is one of the leading educational institutions in the field of design and music. In addition to teaching activities, the university also creates strong partnerships with many leading organizations such as the School of Sound Technology and JMC Academy.

The Orita Sinclair School of Design and Music campus has many student-friendly facilities. Helps balance all aspects of learning. There is also a conference room, meeting room and staff room and a private entertainment area. There are three lecture halls on campus, two guide rooms and a photo studio. Along with that are modern infrastructure and facilities to support students to study and experiment effectively.

All current training programs are small class sizes. Teacher/student ratio is low, about 20 students per class. Along with that, the university also focuses more on practical experience as courses are taught by industry experts.

Typical academic programs

The university offers a wide range of disciplines with full-time courses and attractive degreees that will give you the opportunity to study and accumulate more knowledge. Specific disciplines and degrees are as follows:

1. Design communication degree

Focus: Drawing, graphic design, design, advertising, web design and interactive media, computer graphic animation, digital images and video photography and editing. Students can obtain a Bachelor of Graphic Design degree from the University of Derby (UK).

Full-time – 12 months Course plus 6 months internship. Part-time – 18-month course

2. Degree in interactive design

The Interactive Design program at Orita Sinclair of Design and Music Singapore gives you practical knowledge in designing products and interfaces that contribute to today’s human experience.  Students can obtain a Bachelor of Graphic Design degree from the University of Derby (UK).

Course duration: Full-time: 32 weeks; Part-time: 64 weeks

3. Degree in Music Production & Sound Engineering

The program is designed to develop students’ artistic and artistic skills, as well as teach complex knowledge in both production and post-production by emphasizing details rather than common skills. Students can obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Music Production & Audio Engineering from JMC Academy (Australia).

Course duration: Full-time: 30 weeks; Part-time: 60 weeks

Orita Sinclair School Prospects Programs
1. Graphic Design Program at Orita Sinclair (University of Derby (UK))

An Indian schoolgirl named Hana Chotani, used to be a flight flight flight crew before she realized she had a interest in graphics. After only 11 months of advanced study at Orita Sinclair School, she immediately applied for a job in July 2011 at Grey Worlwide India, a large design group as an idea team specialist.

The university has a 6-month experience internship program in each course, after finishing the course with the internship program, you will have many opportunities to find a job right in Singapore or many countries around the world.

2. Music Production & Sound Engineering Program

Orita Sinclair School has a partnership with Universal Music Group’s (UMG), the founder of Spinnup, a world-class music platform. Through Spinnup, members release music products easily and collect 100% of the copyright.

Spinnup students are granted a free Use Spinnup account for one year to be able to post their works. If possible, the products will reach a large start-up community in the music world, helping students build their own brand and have more career opportunities in the future.

Admission and tuition requirements

For those who wish to apply for courses at the school, it is necessary to carefully consider the general admission requirements of the school. Especially international students who are intending to study in Singapore.

General requirements for international students attending Orita Sinclair School
Minimum 16 years old.
Achieve 3 GCE ‘O levels with A to C levels or equivalent qualifications.
International applicants who have completed at least 10 years of education may be considered for application. Supporting evidence relating to the artistic achievements you achieve should be submitted with the application.
Equivalent English language degrees include INTERNET test TOEFL (scores of 75 or higher) and IELTS (overall score of 5.0 or higher).
For applicants who do not meet the requirements for academic degree. You can also take the school’s entrance grade test in advance to enroll in courses. Participation in the course depends on the results of the class test.


Media Design: $18,950
Interactive Design: $18,950
Engineering & Music: $19,680
Scholarships up to SGD 4,000


This is a Scholarship program that aims to provide opportunities for talented students to show good potential in the field of design or music and pursue their studies at the Orita Sinclair School of Design and Music.


Good conduct
Good grades
Have potential and passion for design and music

Scholarship value

Up to $4,000
Scholarships will be awarded in full or subtract from tuition payments, depending on the student’s wishes.

Application and selection process

1. Students must apply for admission along with all relevant documents below at least 2 months prior to the date of admission:

Certificate of Education (Minimum 10th grade)
Works of art related to majors
Letter explaining why you chose to study at Orita Sinclair School (150-250 words)

2. Selected candidates will participate in interviews in Vietnam or via video directly with the school’s review board.

3. Successful candidates will be notified of the results within 1 week after the interview.

Career opportunities 

Orita Sinclair’s academic programs focus more than just foundational knowledge. In addition, students also have the opportunity to approach and practice practice. Thereby hone more experience and be equipped with the necessary professional skills.

In addition, students are also allowed to work directly with teachers. They are reputable experts in the industry and achieved many successes. They will also bring many opportunities for you. Thereby, they are exposed to the working environment and meet with potential employers.

Above all, with the knowledge communicated and developed in the courses. You can fully look for positions at large domestic and international companies. Specialized-related jobs such as:

Product design for large projects, advertising design
Graphic designers
Audio post-work
Recording and producing music
Web design,…
Living expenses and notes when studying in Singapore  

Students can find great accommodation in Singapore that fits their budget and needs. The average monthly cost can start from S$400 for a shared room in HDB-approved apartments. Or you can also choose the apartments available, rent them with other students to save costs. The average monthly rent for a student in Singapore ranges from SGD600 to SGD 800.

In addition, when living and studying in Singapore, students should also be aware of some laws.

Immigration Law: All international students studying in Singapore must have a valid passport and be approved by the ICA (Immigration and Inspection Agency).
Employment: International students are not allowed to work in Singapore without an exemption work permit from MOM (Ministry of Human Resources).
Driver: a valid Singapore driver’s license is required and at the same time the vehicle must have insurance.
Alcohol abuse: Any offence while intoxicated is punishable by law. Drunk driving is a serious offence
Smoking: Smoking in specific public places and indoor restaurants are prohibited.
Littering: Littering, spitting and vandalism in public areas are serious crimes.

The above is information about attractive programs as well as necessary study abroad information at Orita Sinclair of Design and Music Singapore. Hope you will seize good opportunities for yourself. Find programs that fit your future goals and careers. Thereby achieving many successes beyond expectations.