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Cost of living, price, travel and housing while studying in Taiwan

When studying in Taiwan, you have to go to class every day then be active in all daily activities as well as work part-time almost every time that you have. From buying a bus card, a train

5 reasons to study in Japan

Studying abroad in developed countries is gradually becoming a direction chosen by many young people. And Japan is a great destination for you. To understand why studying abroad in Japan is a trend of young Vietnamese, let’s

Studying abroad in Singapore in Medicine: learning from a leading education

Medicine has always been one of the majors that attracts a lot of students. This is a discipline that requires high professional knowledge and skills. Studying abroad in Singapore in Medicine is a good opportunity for international

Study design and music at Orita Sinclair of Design and Music , Singapore

Singapore has always been an attractive study destination for international students. In addition to leading universities, studying in private schools also offers many good opportunities for students. One of them is Orita Sinclair School of Design and

Raffles Singapore: Don’t miss out if you like studying economics, fashion design

Raffles Singapore School – the ideal choice for future designers and entrepreneurs Currently, the trend of studying abroad in developed countries is increasing. For young people who want to pursue a career path to become designers or

Singapore Institute of Technology – one of the famous autonomy schools

In addition to national universities with a long reputation, the Singapore Institute of Technology is also considered one of the quality educational institutions. Where you can find professional training programs and get valuable lessons to develop yourself


Business Administration is a discipline that can be said to never be outdated. Therefore, many young people see this as their biggest goal of studying abroad. But should you choose to study Business Administration in Korea? What


When you study at a prestigious school, you will receive the best teaching quality accompanied by the best degree. After graduation if you have a degree in a prestigious school in the area, it will be easier

Woosong University, South Korea

As one of the best investment universities for comprehensive development students. With a variety of academic programs, internationally recognized degree, modern facilities and reasonable tuition fees… Woosong University, Korea fully meets the criteria of many Vietnamese parents


You are going to study in Korea, but you are wondering because there are so many attractive choices. So how to keep up with the latest trends and get a job after school 1) Media, events Korea