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Top 6 Reasons to Study in New Zealand

If we summed up this entire article in one sentence, it would read: “New Zealand is a hauntingly beautiful country, filled with friendly and welcoming people, and world-class universities. It’s all in a nutshell really, but New

The 8 Best Cities to Study Abroad in New Zealand

With welcoming English-speaking locals, unique animal inhabitants, eclectic cuisine, an exploding culture, and several renowned universities, it’s no wonder that so many students choose to study abroad in New Zealand. But because the country has two distinct

Hunting scholarships to study in Australia at high school

Australia is one of the countries most selected by young people to study abroad today. In particular, the rate of studying in Australia at high school has also increased sharply in the past few years, showing a

Study abroad – choose Australia or New Zealand

Which country is easy to settle in? Which country is the cheapest country to study abroad? Which country is the easiest to succeed in? A lot of questions relate to this topic.  This article will provide key

Charles Darwin University (CDU)

CDU Public University was founded in 2003 after the amenity of the Northern Territory University, Menzies School of Medical Research and Centralian College. It is the only university in the North of Australia with its main campus

Top quality study abroad in New ZeaLand

New Zealand employment experts forecast 20 high-demand occupations in the coming years. New Zealand is also one of the countries with a large shortage of human resources in the future, so the government also has many skilled


NewZealand’s list of the 5 universities below not only has good educational quality but also has beautiful architectural features. 1. University of Otago With a hobby of intensive training students in Medicine. The University of Otago was

Which industry should I study in New Zealand 2020?

New Zealand is one of the world’s best places to live and study. In addition to the quality education system with all universities in the top 3% of the world (according to QS World Rankings 2018), safety


Just like the Ivy League in the US (the top eight best and oldest private universities in the US) or Russell (the top 24 universities in the UK), in Australia, the G8 is a group of eight


Working and residing in Australia is always the desire of many students around the world and including students from all over the world Considered as the world’s leading education country, Australia is one of your favorite study