Study in Ireland, the ideal land

Have you ever heard of Ireland, the emerald of Europe? How far does Ireland’s potential attract international students? Why the keyword phrase “studying in Ireland” can light up among a variety of other options such as studying in the US, studying in Australia, studying in Canada, studying in New Zealand,…? Here, Eduline will discover interesting things about the country, people as well as education recognized by the world in this clover country!

I. Emerald In the Midst of the Modern World
1. Overview of Ireland:

☛ Official Name: Republic of Ireland (Ireland)

☛: Dublin

☛: 4,892,305 (2015 CIA figures)

☛ Area: 70,273 km2

☛ Currency: Euro (€)

☛ Cities: Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford, Galway

☛ Languages: English and Irish

☛ Ireland was the world’s friend friend friend friendst country in 2008, 2010 and ranked 12th in the Global Peace Index in 2009

2. In terms of climate, landscape

Ireland has a temperate marine climate. Warm winters, cool summers, constant humidity during the year, cloudy skies cover about half the time of year. Average January temperature: 5 -8°C, July: 14 – 16°C. Average annual rainfall: 700-1500mm, in mountainous areas more than 2000mm.

Ireland is often referred to as the emerald island because it is famous for its beautiful landscapes. Central Ireland is a green delta with many large rivers and lakes such as the Shannon River, Lough Ree Lake, Lough Derg. Surrounding the central countryside are green mountains, high cliffs around the sea such as Carrantouhill, the majestic Moher. Many irish scenes are included in boyzone’s famous music videos, Westlife… Blockbuster projects such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter all have “classic” scenes in Ireland. Less well known, it is home to popular films such as The Quiet Man, My Left Foot and Hunger.

3. Economic and social issues

Ireland has a young knowledge economy, focusing on developing high-tech and service sectors, with a particular focus on trade and investment. Ireland’s key industries include information and communications technology, engineering in general, software, financial services, beverages, medical technology, bio-pharmaceuticals and some export industries.

In terms of GDP per person, Ireland ranked 12th among the countries with the highest GDP index among OECD countries in 2012.

Ireland is famous for its friendly living environment, most international students are impressed with the friendliness and hospitality of the indigenous people. While living here, you will not only receive enthusiastic help from the people of Ireland but also from other international students like you, so that you will quickly and easily integrate with the local life.

II. Studying in Ireland, just meet love, just look back is velvet remember

There are many reasons to explain why you should study in this promised land.

1. Education is the core value:

Besides the reasons such as geographical location, landscape, economy and society mentioned above, we must also talk a little about the education of this clover country. For the Irish government, education is the core value. The evidence is that universities in Ireland rank in the top 3% of universities in the world and the top 1% of the world’s best research ao daisies in all 19 fields from natural sciences, social sciences to the arts and humanities. In addition, the motto of theoretical education here is always coupled with practice, helping Irish students have high practical ability to work. The University of Ireland’s degree is recognized globally. Moreover, the government always supports and invests a lot in a modern, professional learning environment.

2. Career doors at multinational corporations:

Ireland is fertile ground for job opportunities. The Irish government is working hard to attract more large companies to its headquarters, especially technology companies, with the aim of considering it an economic lever in the future. Many leading global companies are located in Ireland and many “giants” such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Airbnb, eBay, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Uber,.. based in Ireland. This makes career opportunities very rich for outstanding students in Vietnam. These multinational companies regularly recruit many vacancies, recruit attractive internships, in technology, engineering, and many other fields such as creativity, arts, business and communications.

3. Cost of studying, accommodation

Another plus is the reasonable cost of studying and living compared to European countries. On average, international students in Ireland pay about $13,000 in tuition and meals of about $9,000 each year. This fee is much cheaper than countries such as UK or US, Australia, Canada,…

4. Easy immigration policy

For international students in Ireland with bachelor’s, international students who are not part of the European Economic Area or the European Union are allowed to stay in Ireland to work for one year without having to apply for a visa extension. This saves international students no time and costs to apply for a visa extension as they do when studying in Australia or many other countries.

After this period, the Irish government will create conditions for international students to remain in work for the duration of the employment contract, if the international student has a stable job with a minimum wage of 30,000 Euros per year. International students who only need to stay in Ireland will be issued a green card and after 2 years of green card will officially be settled in this beautiful island nation, becoming a citizen of Ireland.

In case the income level of international students is unstable and does not reach the minimum of 30,000 Euros per year. You still have the opportunity to settle in Ireland by continuing your studies at the universities here.