When you study at a prestigious school, you will receive the best teaching quality accompanied by the best degree. After graduation if you have a degree in a prestigious school in the area, it will be easier to find a better job. But in return you will have to pay at a higher cost, but the quality is not too different.

Seoul is the capital of South Korea. Of course, the cost of living in the capital will be more expensive than other provinces

It is home to almost all the most prestigious schools in Korea such as Seoul National University, Korea University, Yonsei University, Kookmin University, Hanyang University,…

Entertainment: Seoul is home to many amusement parks, Wonderland Parks, squares,… Most concerts are held here. Broadcasters KBS, SBS or entertainment companies SM, YG, JYP,… are headquartered in Seoul.  This is a great place for you to come to Seoul to learn and have entertainment. Seoul is a great place to meet those requirements for you.

Transportation: Seoul is home to the most developed traffic in South Korea, here there is a 12-line “dense” subway system to best serve you during travel, in addition to bus recruitment to meet your needs. Especially here there are 2 international airports.

Cost of living: If your family’s economic conditions are difficult, you do not have enough financial capacity. You should not choose schools in Seoul. Because the cost of living in Seoul is very expensive, about 2-3 times compared to the rest of the regions. Studying in Seoul is extremely expensive so if you want to go to Seoul you have to prepare money. Seoul is just a place for you to have extremely good economic support of your family.

Overtime: There are a lot of overtime jobs in Seoul. But the majority of foreign students come to Seoul to go to school, when you want to go to work part-time you have to compete a lot and ask for your Korean better. In Seoul there are not too many factories, factories like other regions. Therefore, part-time jobs as well as for those who want to work to earn money to pay the full cost of living and tuition will be very difficult. Because part-time work and living expenses are quite opposite.