Studying abroad in Singapore in Medicine: learning from a leading education

Medicine has always been one of the majors that attracts a lot of students. This is a discipline that requires high professional knowledge and skills. Studying abroad in Singapore in Medicine is a good opportunity for international students to have access to a leading medical education in Asia. Along with that is to cultivate more professional knowledge as well as practical experience.

Why you should study medicine in Singapore 

Studying abroad in Singapore in Medicine is a good opportunity for you to access a top-of-the-line and extremely quality education. Medical schools in Singapore always ensure the perfect training system as well as practical practices for students. With today’s leading professors and experts, it will surely bring useful experiences and lessons for you

Schools in Singapore are taught in English, which means you won’t have too many language barriers while studying in Singapore.

Above all, medical schools in Singapore always facilitate students to study as well as participate in parallel research programs. Thereby, there will be access to great strides in medicine, while creating a solid foundation for students after graduation

You can quickly and easily find jobs in Singapore as well as other countries after graduation and the salary will be high. In particular, if you achieve good academic achievements as well as success in research, the opportunity for you to work in the leading medical centers today is extremely easy.

Tuition fees for studying abroad in Singapore in Medicine 
Tuition fees

Tuition fees for studying abroad in Singapore are relatively affordable compared to overseas schools. Nus Yong Loo Lin Medical Tuition for SingaporeAn Graduates is SGD14,100 per year (SGD56,400 for 4 years). For international students this fee will fall to approximately SGD19,150 for one academic year. In terms of prestige, NUS medical schools are ranked 23rd out of the total medical schools by QS.

Nanyang University School of Technology’s Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine also offers a 6-year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree, costing SGD34,200 per year and approximately SGD205,200 in total tuition.

To save money as well as find resources to support your studies, you can learn more about scholarship programs for medical students.

On the other behalf, Duke-NUS’s MD health program charges SGD47,000 per year (SGD188,200 for the entire tuition). This fee is also equivalent to medical training programs in Europe.

However, the Dr. Duke-NUS program is free for qualified researchers or students. Therefore, after completing university programs, you can apply for a PhD at NUS.

Subsidy program

International students can apply for tuition subsidies administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and provide all students with admission to Singapore. If approved, you will also receive a significant financial aid. As a result, there is a significant reduction in the burden of tuition fees in Singapore.

Registration procedures, conditions and related documents
Register online

Currently, universities have online registration websites. Therefore, students can access the university’s official websites directly and apply online. Some schools will have separate requirements and records.

Therefore, before applying, you should refer to the general requirements. Then prepare the full application and proceed with the registration. Please note the registration deadline for each course. It is better to register early, usually the registration period will start before 6 months.

Preparing papers

Usually, you should enroll in the school first. After completing all the procedures and being approved, you will receive an admission notice. Some schools will support student Visa Pass procedures. However, in some cases, you need to prepare all necessary documents and carry out the procedure for applying for a Singapore student visa in Vietnam.

Singapore is an English-speaking country. Medical programs here will mainly be taught in English. Therefore, general requirements for english qualifications and qualifications are required. You should prepare a degree related to English, such as international degree such as IELTS or TOEFL.

Regarding the individual requirements as well as the relevant degree of singapore medical study abroad programs, you can follow specifically through each course at the medical schools below.

Top medical schools in Singapore

Duke-NUS Medical School

General information

Currently, Duke-NUS Medical School is training 5 leading and attractive medical programs for international students. Especially Vietnamese students. Courses include:

Doctor of Medicine (MD) / Doctor of Medicine (PhD) in Integrated Biology and Medicine
Doctor of Medicine (MD) course
Doctor of Medicine (MD) / PhD in Philosophy in Biology and Dosing Medicine
PhD in Philosophy (PhD) in Biology and General Medicine (IBM)
PhD in Philosophy in Biology and Dosing Medicine

The Medical programs at Duke are always highly appreciated. Provide learning opportunities and a dynamic approach to teaching. Along with that are the deep support in the areas of study and research that students are interested in.

In addition, doctor’s programs are also combined with Doctor’s programs. Create conditions for students wishing to study higher. PhD schools also receive the full support from the school. Especially tuition subsidies.

Study time and tuition

Most programs will last from 4 to 7 years. Tuition fees for international students will fall to approximately SGD67,000 per academic year. Applications will begin in August and the application deadline will end on January 15.

General requirements for Vietnamese students 

All applicants must complete, or are in their final year, with a bachelor’s degree or honors degree. English language level: Only TOEFL or IELTS results are required if the language is in accordance with the requirements of each program.

Minimum requirements: 600 on paper TOEFL; OR 85 in the TOEFL Internet-based test; OR an overall score of 7 for an IELTS degree.

International students studying medicine can also refer to the following valuable scholarships:

Goh Foundation Scholarships

Goh Foundation Scholarships have been offered to eligible Duke-NUS students (about 4 recipients per year), with an annual value of SGD20,000.

Applicants must be local or international students who are participating in full-time studies at Duke-NUS. With excellent academic achievement. Priority can be given to students who need financial and proven support. The scholarship can be used for the entire duration of the study, up to a maximum of 4 years.

Lee Foundation Scholarship

Each Lee Foundation scholarship award is SGD20,000 and is possible to change. Scholarships are awarded to meet the different needs of students in the journey of study and practice of Medicine. Can be used to pay tuition, education as well as living expenses.

To be eligible for the Scholarship, applicants must enroll in the Full-Time Doctor of Medicine (MD-PhD) program. Students must have excellent academic achievements and/or strong research backgrounds. Scholarships are also given priority to students who are struggling financially.

Along with that, you can also refer to valuable scholarships at Duke-NUS Medical School such as Shaw Foundation Scholarship, Ngee Ann Kongsi Distinguished Scholars Programme and Kwan Im Thong Hood For Temple Scholarship.

Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

General information

Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine under Nanyang University of Technology. It is one of the leading universities in Singapore today.

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
PhD Research Program
NTU-Exeter PhD programs
Sports Medicine (GDSM) Degree Program
Sports Medicine Theory Course (SMTC)
Eligibility for registration, duration of study and tuition

For students studying medical programs at LKC Medicine, you first need to complete the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT). It is also considered a criterion for assessing capacity as well as a necessary element in the admissions process.

Students will then also be required to file a personal statement. It is an essay of no more than 300 words that includes an introduction to yourself, but not limited to, the reason for wanting to study medicine and any experience that can promote the desire to become a doctor. Leadership experience and teamwork should be emphasized.

Students studying abroad in Singapore in Medicine will be selected for interviews around April each year on the basis of submitted online applications and BMAT scores that students complete. The interview will be conducted in a Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) format consisting of small pieces.

At the same time, students also need to meet the health requirements. Annual tuition fees for Medical students here will fall to about SGD33,200. The programs here will usually last 5-6 years.

Some scholarships for international students
Nanyang Scholarships
For domestic and international students
Students participate in full-time programs at NUS. The scholarship will include tuition fees over the years along with living expenses, travel expenses as well as study equipment
Students achieve an ‘A’ degree in Singapore-Cambridge GCE, a Local Polytechnic Degree, a NUS High School Graduate Degree, an IB degree or a Grade 12 Equivalent Degree;
Students with excellent CCA records; And
Strong qualities and leadership potential.
Lee Kong Chian Bursary Scholarship
All students who need financial aid and are pursuing their first MBBS degree at NTU are eligible.
Total monthly income (PCI) below or equal to SGD2,250 per month OR Total monthly household income (GHI) below or equal to SGD 9,000;
An amount can be awarded depending on the applicant’s financial situation and according to the criteria set by LKC Medicine; And
Students who receive scholarships may simultaneously hold scholarships or other grants that must be approved by LKC Medicine.

You can also learn and apply for other scholarships such as ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship, Sim Yung Chong Medical Scholarship,…

Some other typical schools and ay institutes that you can refer to through

Singapore Institute of Management Development (MDIS)

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Medical Sciences and Pharmacology

Singapore Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy
BSc in Diagnostic Radiography
BSc in Radiation Therapy

Singapore has always been one of the ideal stops for international students. Challenge yourself to a professional learning environment and have the opportunity to get closer to top quality lectures.

Especially studying abroad in Singapore in Medicine, students will learn more valuable experiences and better support for future work.