Studying abroad in the U.S. is a major chosen by many international students. At the same time, this discipline is being greatly developed by countries around the world. Therefore, studying in the U.S. in biotechnology is a top choice for students today. For more information about biotechnology while studying in the U.S., please refer to the following article with AAE.

Why study biotechnology in the U.S.

Biotechnology is the advanced application of bio-science, especially in relation to genetic science and its application. Biotechnology enhances the quality and output of food. It can also be applied to manufacturing, the process by which simple cells and proteins can be manolyed to produce chemical substances.

Biotechnology plays the most important role in health and medicine. Through genetic engineering, selective and regulated changes of gene components, scientists can create a variety of new medicinal herbs, including pharmaceutical substances for cancer patients, artificial hormones and artificial insulin,… Over the past several years, scientists have tried to use a variety of methods in genetic engineering to re-regulate each inherited genetic case. They have made strides in their ability to apply different genetic materials. These achievements have promised the possibility that in the future, humans can control the establishment of human genetics and thus enhance the ability to usefully apply human inherited characteristicss.

The role of biotechnology in human life is undeniable. It is increasingly showing the ability to dominate in all aspects of life. Many scientists believe that if the end of the twentieth century is the era of information technology, the 21st century is the era of biotechnology. The grasp and use of biotechnology in a useful and effective way is the problem of many scientists. Therefore, mastering biotechnology is extremely practical.

Besides, the U.S. is one of the countries with the best education in the world, it promises to bring international students a unique learning experience. Knowledge, experience and skills are what an advanced education like America aims for.

List of schools with biotechnology

According to U.S. News and World Report, here is a list of the 10 schools with the best biotechnology education in the U.S.:

School Location Number of school years

(school type)

Program Tuition
Harvard University Cambridge, MA 4-year, Private


Bachelor’s Master’s Doctoral $45,278 (Undergraduate) $42,874 (Graduate)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA 4-year, Private Bachelor’s Doctoral $46,704 (U)

$49,272 (G)

University of California–Berkeley Berkeley,CA 4-year, Public




$13,431 (U)

$13,431 (G)

Stanford University Stanford,CA 4-year, Private Bachelor’s Master’s Doctoral $46,320 (U)

$46,320 (G)

University of California-San Francisco San Francisco, CA 4-year, Public Master’s Doctoral $12,445 (G)
University of California–San Diego La Jolla,CA 4-year, Public Bachelor’s



$13,530 (U)

$13,021 (G)

Johns Hopkins University Baltimore,MD 4-year, Private Master’s Doctoral $50,510 (G)
University of California–Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA 4-year, Public Bachelor’s Doctoral $12,763 (U)

$12,629 (G)

Yale University New Haven, CT 4-year, Private Bachelor’s Master’s Doctoral $47,600 (U)

$38,700 (G)

University of Washington Seattle,WA 4-year, Public Bachelor’s Doctoral $11,839 (U)

$16,278 (G)

Job opportunities and income

Industries and positions related to biotechnology and biosync birth biosync births include: bio biomed engineering, pharmaceutical trade representatives, bio biomedynology researchers, biotechnology,…

The cultural background, degree, knowledge, skills and experience required for these positions are quite rigorous, often you have to spend a long time working in laboratories or have to have relatively good interactions with the community if you want to keep working. Most of these positions require a minimum of a training degree linking biology and chemistry or related disciplines to a PhD degree.

Here are the jobs, career requirements and average annual salaries that with a degree in biotechnology you can get:

– Biomedyn chemotherapy technician

Biosynming technicians are direct support for chemical, biological or other scientists in projects, research works and experiments. For example, technicians in the pharmaceutical industry are those responsible for analyzing the impact of certain chemical compounds on living organisms. They also work in other fields such as environmental science. Here, they can evaluate the data to calculate the impact of pollution on the ecological system.
Annual salary: $41,650 U.S.
Required qualifications: Bio biosynming technicians must at least get a dual degree in chemistry, biology or related disciplines. This dual degree program must last at least 2 years and include basic courses in life sciences, mathematics and statistics, biotechnology and cell biology. In addition, for each program, students are required to take a laboratory course at least once to be able to familiarize and use equipment such as lamp mines, microscopes in the analysis of chemical compounds and other substances.

– Biosynmedynology – Chemistry

They are the people who use their knowledge of organic chemistry and biological processes to find and gain a clearer understanding of how chemical substances work, e.g., metabolism, structures, and organizations that influence,… Biosyn scientists can plan and conduct research works for companies and private organizations. They can also make assessments of other studies, examine results and approve research processes. For example, bio-chemistrys can analyze the different nutrients that are in the soil to determine which one can bring the greatest benefit to maize, noodles or other crops, thereby investing in farming.
Annual salary: $82,150 U.S.
Required qualifications: While some businesses look for employees with bachelor’s degrees in biomedical or biotechnology or related disciplines, the other group requires higher requirements among applicants with a Master of Science or PhD in biopsy. Students need to gain professional knowledge related to bio-cells, biotechnology or biometrics. In addition to the courses, students must also participate in writing diss impeachment on bio biomedology issues. Master’s programs usually last 1-2 years, while doctored programs take 3-4 years to complete.

– Chemical engineer: $89,000 U.S./year

– Chemical technician: $44,000 U.S./year

– Chemical plant and system operators: $53,000 U.S./year

– Chemical equipment operators and tenders: $45,000U.S./year

As the biotechnology industry is increasingly playing an important role in human life, from issues such as education, technology to health, environment, food,…, learning and mastering biotechnology knowledge is essential. Not only that, jobs related to the biotechnology industry bring stable and huge sources of income.