The most expensive university in the United States. University for wealthy study abroad

Not Harvard or Yale, this is the most expensive university in the U.S. but in return, salary students also top the U.S.

America is famous for its world-leading education not only for quality, but also for… costs. Going to college in the U.S. is always an extremely expensive experience, in which the better the school, the tuition fees will also be increased. studying in the U.S.

The most famous universities in the U.S. are ivy league schools – including the top 8 universities, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Columbia … Wanting to become a student of the university not only needs high scores, outstanding achievements, but also a certain amount of money.

But you know, Harvard, Yale or any ivy school is not the most expensive school in the United States. That title belongs to Harvey Mudd University in Claremont, California – a smaller school, with nearly 900 students.

It is known that the cost for 1 school year (including tuition, accommodation, study costs …) at Harvey Mudd falls to about $72,288 (about VND 1.66 billion). In other words, after 4 years of study, a student will spend nearly $300,000 – a fortune with ordinary people.

Harvey Mudd University specializes in science, mechanics and mathematics – highly specialized and relatively expensive fields. But for comparison, the cost of attending Harvard “only” falls to about $67,580 (more than 1.5 billion VND).

But according to PayScale, an American website that provides income information, this is also a trade-off, as the income of students after school is always at the top. Through a study of 2,646 U.S. bachelor’s schools, Harvey Mudd University alumni earned an average of $85,600 annually in their first five years, and an average of about $157,400 in 10 years of work.

These are extremely impressive numbers, second only to MIT but ranked above both Stanford and Harvard – far more famous schools.

Top-income U.S. students

The price to pay… more humane than you think

Although the cost of publication is ranked as the most expensive in the United States, in fact, the expenditure of the students is not that much. According to the university’s report, at least 48% of students are financially supported with sufficient needs, and up to 73% receive support in the form of scholarships, grants, loan funds …

Students’ tuition fees will be adjusted according to their family’s income – low-income families also receive higher levels of support. Despite this, most of the university’s students come from middle-class American families, with an average income of about $145,000 (as reported by the New York Times). Of these, 68% of students are in the top 20% of families with the highest income in the United States.