Working and residing in Australia is always the desire of many students around the world and including students from all over the world

Considered as the world’s leading education country, Australia is one of your favorite study abroad destinations. Vibrant cities, post-graduation work opportunities and friendly living environment, mild climate have helped the country attract more and more students to study.

If you are still wondering whether to study in Australia, let’s find out in this Inspirdo article about the reasons why it is the world’s most ideal study destination.

Top-notch education

Always in the TOP countries with the best education in the world, students studying in Australia will have the opportunity to own a degree that is recognized worldwide, thereby expanding the prospects of career development in the future. In addition, many universities in Australia are in the top 100 prestigious universities in the world according to prestigious rankings such as University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, Monash University, University of New South Wales, University of Queensland, Australian National University … In Australia, students will be able to choose a course that suits their abilities, desires and roadmap from preparing, university, master’s to doctor.

Ideal climate

The climate in Kanagroo is usually warm all year round, even in winter, students studying in Australia do not need to worry too much about extreme weather conditions. It can be seen that the major cities here are concentrated on the coast so that winter is almost snowless. On summer days, temperatures range from 15 to 29 degrees Celsius and 6 to 14 degrees Celsius.

High quality of life

Always on the list of happiest, most edible countries according to the UN survey, this has made Australia an attractive destination for all international students. Cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and Brisbane are five of the 30 best cities in the world for you based on quality of life, job opportunities, cost of living, and a growing student community network. In addition, students studying in Australia can study and live here because the crime rate in this country is extremely low, only 1.1 per 100,000 people.

Opportunities to work overtime with attractive salary

For international students studying in Australia over the age of 18, the government allows you to work up to 40 hours per week and full-time on vacations (summer holidays, winter break,…). You can do the following jobs: Nail work, waiter, sales in fashion shops or supermarkets or kitchen accessories at restaurants or work on farms with an average salary of 14-20AUD/hour. With this salary, international students can completely pay their own living expenses and even part of their tuition.

Enjoyable experience

Coming here, students studying in Australia will have countless opportunities to experience and discover the interesting things of this country. Beaches, rainforests, deserts, floating islands, sunken islands, vineyards … stretches across the country, bringing mesmerizing scenery. Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, or Melbourne are all good places to live, study and work with beautiful beaches, good food and a wide park. A little further away are Adelaide and Hobart, which are suitable for those who like cultural festivals, wines or other art forms.

Convenient visa application policy

Students will not need an IELTS certificate, no financial proof required, and the visa application time is also faster than usual (usually 14 days). This priority visa policy is considered one of the attractions for Vietnamese students. Please note that depending on the level at which students study in Australia, they need to prove their financial well-being.

Support policy for international students in Australia

There is no country where international students are as interested as in Australia. All policies (tuition fees, social benefits, material conditions, etc.) are only one for all students, there is no distinction between international and indigenous. Many Australian universities support students in the process of finding part-time jobs, providing advice on how to give interviews when applying for jobs, helping students integrate into the new environment… (ACN, Curtin University…)

For each state, the support from the government is different, but international students are the most interested (scholarship policies for students, supporting the costs of public transport …).

Stay up to 6 years after graduation – Immigration priority

In recent years, the number of international students residing in Australia is constantly increasing but mainly concentrated in 3 main areas: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, which have created a burden in many areas such as accommodation, work,… Therefore, the government of this country has made new decisions on immigration policy to solve this problem. The Australian Department of Immigration recently announced that international students studying at regional universities will be allowed to stay for a total of up to five to six years after graduation (depending on the program) and add five points when singularing in multiple areas. Therefore, the opportunity to continue to experience the country, find a job or settle down is easier than ever for students studying in Australia, especially those studying in 5 sectors: Health, Social Psychology, Engineering, Education and Information Technology.