Engineering – also known as STEM (an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), plays an essential role in the development of many other fields in life. Graduates of this sector often have the opportunity to find work in a variety of fields, responsible for designing products for a variety of industries.

Moreover, technology is always considered one of the professions that bring the highest immigration with opportunities for future career development in any country in the world. In the article below of Inspirdo, let’s find out about the TOP 8 engineering disciplines that students should choose when studying abroad in 2021!

Mechanical engineer

As a long-standing and highly applied engineer in life, mechanical engineers specialize in the design, production and maintenance of machinery systems. For this industry, you will be equipped with professional knowledge such as dynamics; hydro-dynamics; thermo-dynamics; impact analysis; engine design and product design. Studying mechanical engineering will suit those who love working with machines and are passionate about product creation. Some specialty of mechanical engineers can be mentioned as the production of vehicles; nanotechnology; and the production of machines. The knowledge learned in the industry can be the foundation for applying to many other engineering branches.

Aviation engineer

Studying in the same field, students will focus on developing skills in research, design, components manufacturing as well as maintenance and inspection of operation of civil and military aircraft; rockets, weapons systems, satellites and space ships,… Therefore, after graduation, international students are confident enough to apply for positions such as Chief Engineer, Structural Engineer, Test Flight Engineer, Maintenance Engineer,… airlines, air forces, ministry of defense, helicopter companies, NASA and many other businesses related to technology and machinery,…

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineering is a new speciality, combining the knowledge of Mathematics, Biology and Pharmacy to create health care tools or solve medical problems in general, emerging from the essential needs due to the strong development of science and technology in modern medicine. Biomedical engineering engineers are experts who ensure the most advanced technologies in medicine today, with an increasing role as well as the continuous advancement of diagnostic and treatment techniques. Not only helping doctors with modern techniques, biomedical engineering engineers are key scientists studying biological cycles in the human body, creating new technologies in the field of health care.

Civil engineer

The specialized field of civil engineering mainly focuses on the management, implementation and repair of personal and public buildings such as houses; roads; trains; and bridges. Because it plays an important role in the construction process, a civil engineer must ensure that he/she is fully equipped with the necessary qualifications and skills such as analytical skills, observation, leadership, mathematical ability,… After graduation, international students can choose to work in many positions such as project manager, project manager, construction plan coordinator,… Not only because of the stable nature of work, no transfer, good working environment, but also gives you attractive income.

Electrical engineer

Electrical engineers mainly learn how to make, use and manage not only electricity but also other energy types such as wind, water and sunlight. Besides; Electrical engineers are also responsible for developing and creating electrical products. Inventions such as televisions, music machines or microwaves you use every day have the imprint of electrical engineers. Thomas Edison is probably the most famous electrical engineer with the invention of the hairline bulb that you surely already know.

Software engineer

In the age of computers and smartphones thriving today, you can also somewhat know the importance of software engineers. Therefore, this is one of the professions chosen by many young people. As they study this discipline, students are exposed to a modern, up-to-date curriculum that includes data science, cloud computing, open source software development, software security and safety, and web technology. The need to recruit a team of skilled software engineers has never declined because almost any field in life also needs to apply technology solutions to improve work efficiency.

Chemical engineer

Even if you are a chemical engineer, you will still be able to absorb the knowledge of related scientific fields such as Physics; Biology; Microorganisms; Bio biosyn birth; Mathematics; Or even… Economic. Chemical engineers do creative work, design and improve processes that convert raw materials into useful products and have little impact on the environment. They also address issues related to pollution control, environmental protection, energy conservation. Everyday items such as computer chips, mobile phones, gasoline, paper and coffee,… use chemical techniques in several stages of production. In addition, you will have the opportunity to develop new products or catalysts for chemical reactions, design infrastructure for manufacturers around the world or analyze geological data under the ocean.

Environmental engineer

It is the responsibility of environmental engineers to find solutions to manage and mitigate waste and pollution problems brought about by production activities. For example, improper mining will contribute to negative environmental impacts, so it is necessary to have appropriate treatment directions to be able to use resources in a sustainable way but the quality of soil, water and air is not affected too badly.

This discipline will provide you with knowledge in many other scientific disciplines such as geosynology; technology; mining; water treatment;… If you are an environmental lover, this is the most practical discipline in helping you achieve the goal of protecting your environment and people.