Surely, as a student, everyone has had a dream to study abroad in European countries. This is really understandable when countries in this old continent are the countries with the most modern education in the world, with annual investment in universities, applying science and technology to teaching extremely large.

Not only that, studying in Europe is a great opportunity for you to improve your English when living in a native environment, with very good living conditions. However, Europe is a large union, and you should choose which land to live and study in. Let’s take a look at the best countries to study in Europe!

Study in Sweden – a country worth living in Europe

As an ancient country with historical but no less modern landscapes, Sweden has very convincing reasons to make Vietnamese students have to choose this place as the number one destination when studying in Europe.

Although it is a very modern Nordic country, its culture is rich, diverse and interesting. The most typical of them is Fika culture, i.e. the culture of meeting very gently, talking about daily work together, is the green and very healthy lifestyle of Swedes.

In addition to equipping a lot of modern equipment and facilities for Swedish education and education, sweden also attaches great importance to creativity. It is rare to know but well-known technology initiatives such as Skype, Spotify,… are the “children” of Sweden.

Sweden is also one of the countries that almost free tuition for international students when you fully meet the requirements of this country for certificates, GPA points,…

Studying in Europe

Study in Belgium – Centre of the European Union
In Vietnam years ago, Belgium was not a popular choice when thinking about studying in Europe. However, nowadays, this is one of the countries that everyone wants to once set foot in.

It can be said that the specificity of socio-economic development makes the education system in Belgium considered one of the higher education in the world by the structure of scientific organization, coherent. Moreover, the training is very effective because of the regular education programs combining theory and practice.

Perhaps referring to the Kingdom of Belgium, one can not help but mention the most famous and prestigious schools here. Katholieke Leuven University, founded in 1425 and consistently in the top 100 universities in the world according to QS university rankings.

Belgium is also considered one of the leading countries in education majoring in economics. This comes from Belgium being a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and one of the founding members of the European Community. That’s why when you think about studying in Europe, don’t forget about this beautiful country!

Study in the UK – The Cradle of the English Language
The UK is known as one of the most developed countries in the world, home to the dynamic, modern capital of London. The UK is home to the world’s fifth-largest economy and second only to the EU.

Thanks to the remarkable socio-economic development, the UK focuses heavily on improving education, multidisciplinary training, professions, providing a huge human resource for the world. The degree awarded by the UK is also recognized worldwide.

In addition, the UK is a very active job market in Europe, especially in the Economy and Services sector. That makes Britain a country not to be missed when studying in Europe.

Countries that should study in Europe

Study in Germany and The Country with many free tuition policies
Germany is a country known for many of the world’s leading teaching institutions, equipped with a variety of modern educational aids. Germany has more than 300 universities, multidisciplinary and multidisciplinary training. From familiar and popular sectors such as economics, business administration, to specialized disciplines such as sociology, psychology,… Therefore, students have the opportunity to choose a major that suits their aspirations and quality.

In addition to investing in the quality of teaching and modern facilities, Germany also focuses on higher education. A special feature of studying in Germany is that students are supported with tuition fees, even tuition waivers, except for some special disciplines such as Law, Health, which are usually not exempt from tuition due to studying these disciplines

The limitation when studying in Germany is that Germany is not a country that trains in English, so students who want to study here must study a Certificate in German. Despite this, Germany is still a notable place to study in Europe, right?

Hopefully the above information will help you in finding the right horizon to study in Europe. Wish you always success and have the best choice!