Top schools specializing in hospitality management in Switzerland

As you know Switzerland has always been known as the cradle of tourism management – hotels in the world and also a destination to conquer the dreams of thousands of international students who want to pursue this industry. With this “smokeless industry” Switzerland owns a series of prestigious schools such as BHMS, HTMi, SHMS,… So where is the hotel management school in Switzerland suitable for you?

Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland

HTMi is the first school that I would like to introduce to you when you are wondering which school to study in Switzerland in Hotel Management. It is ranked 14th globally and tops Lucerne, Switzerland in Tourism, Hospitality, and Hospitality. HTMi is located in Soerenberg in the Kanton Luzern region, one of the most beautiful resorts in Switzerland.

Opening time: HTMi will open in January and August.

Entrance requirements: Applicants need to graduate from high school and have an IELTS certificate of 5.0 or higher. This is one of the average IELTS scores that you can easily achieve You can refer to some IELTS courses with targets of 5.0 or higher of HA CENTRE.

HTMi’s training and tuition programs:

Preparing course, certificate: 23,000 CHF/year.
Colleges: 24,500 – 25,500 CHF/year
University: CHF25,000/year
Masters: 26,000 – 28,000 CHF/year

Some partners: Jumeirah Group, Hilton Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Raffles, Metropole, …

Offers for students:

Donate the Ipad mini immediately when you enter.
The opportunity to award scholarships of 1,000 – 2,000 for candidates who meet the requirements each year.
Placement of internships and job suggestions at top hotels in Switzerland, with minimum average salary: CHF 2,168 per month.
The opportunity to receive a degree at two prestigious universities of Ulster and Edinburgh Napier is available to students studying at HTMI.

BHMS (Business & Hotel Management School)

Studying in Switzerland will definitely know the second school that I would like to introduce to you is Business & Hotel Management School (BHMS)- is one of the top schools in Switzerland. Founded in 1928 with more than 90 years of training in Hotel Management and located in the heart of Lucerne – is the Gateway and also switzerland’s most developed tourist city.

On average, the university welcomes more than 15,000 students from 70 countries each year to study programs, from Bachelor’s to Master’s, including fulltime and part-time study.

Opening ceremony: BHMS opens in January, February, April, May, June, August, September, October and November (master’s program opens in January, April, June, September).

Entrance requirements: High school graduation, IELTS of 5.0 or higher.

Training program:

BSc: CHF25,900/year
Post-university: 26,900 CHF/year
Masters: CHF26,900/year

Some partners: GHM, Genesis Hotel & Resorts & Pearl Resorts (South Pacific management company), Orient Express Hotels, Trains and Cruises, Swiss-Belhotel hotels and resorts,…

Offers for students:

Students studying at BHMS have the opportunity to receive their degree from Robert London University (UK) and Seattle (USA).
Scholarship opportunities for the first semester: CHF 1000 for STUDENTS achieving IELTS 6.0; 1000 CHF for students with a high school GPA of 8.5 or higher; CHF 1000 for students with outstanding academic projects.
Students must finish 8.5 points or more for the next semester if they wish to continue receiving scholarships.

SHMS Academy (The Swiss Hotel Management School)

Founded in 1992, The Swiss Hotel Management School, abbreviated as SHMS, is one of the leading international hospitality management ao institutes located in Leysin and Caux-Montreux in Switzerland. SHMS offers world-class academic programs at undergraduate and undergraduate level in areas such as Hospitality Management, Events, Spa and Resorts.

Studying at SHMS, students gain practical experience to experience real-world situations and ensure that graduates have high employment rates.

Opening time: SHMS will open in February and September.

English course opening:

4 weeks (January and August)
8 weeks (July and November)
12 weeks (June and October)
16 weeks (May and September)

Entrance requirements: Applicants who graduate from high school and have an IELTS score of 5.0 or higher.

SHMS’s major partner: The University of Derby , the uk’s largest hospitality management training school.

Offers for students:

Students receive 3 internationally valuable British, American and Swiss patents.
The training program at SHMS will include 5 theoretical months and 4-6 months of paid internships in Switzerland and many other countries, the salary ranges from CHF 2,168 to CHF 2,450 per month.

SWISS IM&H (Swiss Institute for Management and Hospitality)

The 4th school today HA Abroad would like to introduce to you is: Swiss IM&H. This is the most famous Swiss hotel management school located in Weggis. Although the school is quite young for many other schools in the same field, it is extremely attracted to a large number of international students to study, because of the dynamic, flexible and youthful teaching style. Studying abroad at Swiss IM&H, you will have the opportunity to study at the lowest cost in Switzerland, with an average tuition fee of only CHF 15,000 per year.

Opening time: Swiss IM&H will open in January, April, July and October.

Require input:

High School Graduation
IELTS 4.5 or higher
No criminal records
Healthy enough to study.

Training program:

College: 2 years
BBA (BBA): 4 years
MBA (Master): 2 years

Swiss IM&H’s major partner: One advantage that can not be mentioned is that Swiss IM&H is currently a member of the University of Cambridge (UK). So when studying here, you will have the opportunity to participate in advanced leadership training courses in the industry of Cambridge University.

Offers for students:

After the course, students will be granted a Bachelor’s Degree by the Swiss Ministry of Education, a Certificate in Service Administration issued by the American Institute of Hospitality and Business Administration Education and Training (AHLEI), and an HPC Certificate (Hotel Professional Certificate) issued by the American Institute of Hospitality Management Research.
Students have the opportunity to receive scholarships of VND 59 million from the university.

HIM Academy (Hotel Institute Montreux)

Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM) was founded in 1984, under swiss education group – the leading network of hotel management schools in Switzerland. HIM Institute is 2016 2016, a leading management training school in the U.S. that opens up a wide variety of career options for students.

HIM is located in downtown Montreux, on the shores of Lake Geneva with spectacular views of the Alps. This luxury destination is part of the Swiss Riviera, home to the popular Montreux Jazz Festival, and is just an hour’s drive from Geneva International Airport– the gateway to Europe. Not only that, the quality of HIM’s training has been recognized by many major organizations in the world: the Association of Universities and Colleges of New England, USA (NEASC); Swiss Association of Hospitality Schools (ASEH).

Require input:

Minimum 17 years old

High School Graduation

TOEFL from 500 and IELTS from 5.0 or higher.

Opening ceremony: HIM will open in February and September.

Programs: Bachelor’s, Master’s and Linguistics.

Offers for students:

After leaving school, students will receive a degree from Northwood University (USA) – the leading university in management in the US.
Students are arranged paid internships at major hotels in Switzerland and many countries around the world such as Dorchester London, Hotel Ritz Paris, Raffles Hotel Singapore …

SSBT – Swiss School of Business and Technology

The last university I would like to introduce to you in the article studying abroad in Switzerland in Hospitality Management today is SSBT- one of the outstanding schools of the prestigious educational institution IEG, founded in 1999. SSBT is located in the big city of Zurich and has a campus in Lausanne with an extremely ideal learning environment and many career internship opportunities, especially for students studying Hotel Tourism Management.

Programs: Bachelor’s, Master’s and Linguistics.

Tuition fee: CHF 12,000/year + CHF 500 management costs and enrolling fee (note: no refund).

Require input:

High School Graduation
IELTS is 4.5 or higher, and does not require English if you take a language preparation course.

Student offer: After completing the course, you will be granted a double degree from Anglia Ruskin University.

Thus, with the choice of studying hotel tourism in Switzerland, you will have the best opportunity to study, live and experience a vibrant environment, as well as participate in paid internships in hotels and restaurants inside and outside Switzerland. What’s more wonderful when you learn in environments that combine theoretical and practical training, along with paid internships in large hotels and restaurants.